Preschool (3 – 4 year old)

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Our preschool children are absorbing knowledge by actively participating in our centers.  The children have the opportunity to find their own interest and they learn from the experience.  This will increase their chances that they will continue to be successful learners throughout their lives.

Years of experience in the field of early education have taught our teaching staff to provide fun materials to allow your child to practice their fine motor control.  We understand that long before a child learns to form letters with a pencil there have been many steps toward learning to write.  We offer molding with clay, Lego’s, picking up beads or small objects which all prepare their hands before they can successfully print letters.


Preschool Classroom

Our teachers provide developmentally appropriate open-ended art activities.  We believe in valuing the beauty and design in artwork rather than worrying about the finished product.  The children’s completed creative art works establish feelings of self-confidence.

We love to set up dramatic play areas that allow make-believe play.  Children enjoy acting out familiar roles based upon their experiences whether it is making dinner, driving to a store, or going to the doctor’s office.  Our children increase their social skills by negotiating roles they are playing and use language more frequently in make-believe play.

When cooking with our children we have them measure, pour, and stir which allow science and math concepts to be part of our cooking experience.  Our children work together to make a dish, and they take great satisfaction in producing something for everyone to eat.

Young children are natural dancers.  Our creative movement program teaches your child to learn rhythm, balance, and coordination.   In our movement curriculum we move like snakes, cats or hop like frogs.  We love to jump to music or jog in place to release energy.  We want our children to be physically fit and learn healthy habits.

Sometimes a child wants to cuddle up in a teacher’s lap and enjoy the warmth and security fostered by laptime reading.

Our early learning program will develop rich memories of playing and learning with friends – memories that last a lifetime.