Interest Areas

Discovery & Science

The discovery area is a place where children can explore and investigate to answer their questions.  They observe, experiment, measure, solve problems, take things apart, and explore the materials and living things we put out.


Story Time & Library

We read to our children every day to help develop a love for reading books.  Our lap time reading fosters feelings of warmth and security.  Reading aloud to children expands their memory, vocabulary, and world.  In our library area our children gain the foundation for reading and writing.  It is also a great place to relax and enjoy the wonderful world of children’s books.  The children love to look at books, retell stories, scribble, and write throughout the day.


Music & Movement

Through music our children learn to explore instruments, create melodies, make up, and learn songs.  Dancing allows each child to express ideas, respond to musical rhythms, and learn about the body’s ability to move.



Drawing, painting, pasting, molding, and construction are not only enjoyable but also provide important opportunities for learning.  We offer open-ended developmentally appropriate art activities for the children to express original ideas and feelings.  They also improve their fine motor skills while learning to recognize colors and textures.


Toys & Games

Children love exploring how things work with puzzles, Legos, board games, and toys.  They use their imagination to create a different game and work cooperatively with other children.  Games teach problem-solving skills and strengthen the small muscles in their hands.


Dramatic Play

To engage in dramatic play with others, children have to negotiate rules, agree on a topic, and cooperate.  They recreate and act out life experiences.  Children develop small muscle skills when they button and snap dress-up clothes and dress the dolls.  They explore math concepts when they set a table or use play money.  The children use language skills to share ideas and solve problems.



When we cook in class, our children learn about nutrition, combine ingredients, and learn about measurements.  They are scientists, observing what happens to flour when we add water to it and predicting how high we should fill a muffin tin so the batter doesn’t flow over.  Our children learn to follow picture recipe cards which help develop reading skills.



Learning with Blocks

Our block area offers open-ended materials that stimulate young imaginations, provide choices for discovery and invention, and promote the development of problem-solving skills.  When our children build with blocks they learn math concepts, shapes, and explore weights.


Outdoor Play

The outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom.  We take the children outdoors daily so they can run, jump, swing, climb, and use all the large muscles in their bodies to develop balance and coordination.  Our children learn how to take turns and cooperate to create a team.  They learn about the world around them by observing changes in plants and differences in the seasons.