Parent Involvement

At Liberty Christian Church Early Education Center we recognize our parents as the most important adults in their child’s life.  We strive to create a partnership built on mutual respect between parents and teachers.  We encourage daily communication between parents and center staff.  Parents are welcome in the program at all times.  Our teachers would like to work together with the families, establishing and maintaining two-way communication with children’s parents to build trust and mutual understanding, and to ensure that children’s learning and developmental needs are met. Parent’s attitudes and involvement play a big role in your child’s education.  You are encouraged to communicate with the staff in any way that will enhance the progress of your child.

We encourage our parents to schedule a visit with your child’s classroom to discuss any hobbies, occupations, holidays, or cultural backgrounds. Our teachers post their classroom activities and special events outside their classroom so you may discuss with your child what activities they were engaged in during the day.  Our monthly newsletter will notify you of upcoming events.

We do our best to provide your child with a safe physical environment and an atmosphere where he or she can feel both secure and free to grow at his or her own pace under our love and guidance.  You can help us achieve these goals by giving us your comments, suggestions, and daily involvement.

To help individualize our program, we document observations and organize them into an individual portfolio for each child.  Our portfolios allow us to organize samples of a child’s work in order to document progress over time.  We use this information to offer activities to allow each child to grow and progress to meet their full potential. Parent-Teacher conferences are held at least once a year and at other times, as needed, to discuss children’s progress, accomplishments, or concerns at home and at the program. The center or a parent may request a conference at any other time throughout the year. An annual family survey will be distributed to obtain information from our parents so we may continually improve the center’s program. We are looking forward to working with you.